Active Directory mISV

Monday, November 28, 2005

Let's get started

Welcome to Active Directory mISV. You may have noticed that I don't mention my company or product name in my profile. Since I haven't registered the domain names yet, and like the stereotypical startup I'm paranoid. I will announce the names when I register the domains. This should happen very soon(more on this in my next post).

So what kind of products am I developing? Well from the title of the blog I'm guessing you have figured out it has something to do with Microsoft's Active Directory. The first product(to be revealed soon) is just a small little utility that I have encountered a need for in my consulting work. This first product is feature complete and just needs a little more testing, plus completion of an installer. I'll talk about my timeline and milestones for the next 3 months in my next post.

If I bore you with any posts in this blog let me know through the comments and I'll try and modify the content a bit. I'm hoping this blog can help keep me on track with my effort as well as help others by watching the successes(hopefully) and mistakes(I'm sure there will be some) I make along the way.

I do plan to move this blog to my own site once my hosting is up and running, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks in advance for all your "constructive" comments.


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