Active Directory mISV

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What I really meant

So if any of you even remember my blog, I haven't posted since mid December, and my micro-ISV efforts in general have followed the same pattern. To use the analogy from my last post most of the "dirty laundry" has actually been new tasks I've discovered or realized I need to do. So I've had less time and more things and got completely demotivated. My micro-ISV became a dream instead of a goal. So tonight and tomorrow while when I have some time to work I won't be coding, designing my website/researching hosts, my two previous highest priority tasks. I'll be writing up a complete list of tasks to accomplish my goal then tackling them one at a time.

The one thing I have decided for sure is a wider beta program not huge, but better than the couple of friends I had originally planned to use. I'm really tempted to give a prediction on the beta, but I'll resist until after tonight and tomorrow's task/goal setting efforts.

The Dirty Laundry Effect

Or more accurately the pile of dirty laundry effect. My micro-ISV effort has become a pile of dirty laundry. It started as a pair of socks, then a shirt, some jeans. It wasn't a full load yet so I skipped washing it. Over the next couple of weeks the pile grew. Was there time to make a dent? Yes, but with the holidays I told myself it was more important to spend time with family. It was, but in reality I could have fit a load in here or there. Then a mountain of dirty laundry appeared and I started to daydream about cleaning up the ever mounting pile, but it had just gotten too big.

So I guess I'll just start by sorting the pile. Funny thing is over time stuff showed up in the pile I didn't even know I owned. So I'm off to start sorting and hope to be posting here much more often.