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Monday, March 13, 2006

When is a bug a bug

I've had a handful of downloads on the Active Last Logon beta, but so far not feedback. From what I hear that's typical. It's hard to get good beta feedback.

I have found one bug so far during testing, but is it really a bug? Let me explain, I was testing the case when a domain controller is offline. I've tested this case in previous builds and it has worked exactly as expected. This time it crashed. I was surprised since I believed I'd tested this case already.

Then I found the problem. Turns out that I found two bugs. The first was a bug in my testing protocol. Instead of taking a domain controller offline, I just manually edited Active Directory to add a fake one. Well the bug was I added the fake domain controller wrong. I neglected to create all the objects that should exist for a domain controller.

The second bug was that Active Last Logon crashes when there is a improperly added fake domain controller. :) So is this really a bug. I decided that yes it is. I don't want there to be any cases were things "just crash". Even though there is very little chance this would happen in the real world I decided to mark it as a bug and fix it. I can imagine a weird case were someone's domain gets messed up and could cause this crash.

So what am I saying with this post?

1. Automate or at least document the steps to your testing
2. A bug is a bug. If you can imagine it happening and it crashes the whole app fix it!


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