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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Dirty Laundry Effect

Or more accurately the pile of dirty laundry effect. My micro-ISV effort has become a pile of dirty laundry. It started as a pair of socks, then a shirt, some jeans. It wasn't a full load yet so I skipped washing it. Over the next couple of weeks the pile grew. Was there time to make a dent? Yes, but with the holidays I told myself it was more important to spend time with family. It was, but in reality I could have fit a load in here or there. Then a mountain of dirty laundry appeared and I started to daydream about cleaning up the ever mounting pile, but it had just gotten too big.

So I guess I'll just start by sorting the pile. Funny thing is over time stuff showed up in the pile I didn't even know I owned. So I'm off to start sorting and hope to be posting here much more often.


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